5 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Pregnancy

When it comes to the joys and woes of pregnancy, TV has taught us all about the strange cravings, nausea and morning sickness, and the swelling of your feet. You think we would have learned enough from all the pregnant characters we’ve seen on our favorite series. Unfortunately, having a bun in the oven comes with much, much more.


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Here are some things about becoming a mother you might not know about.


You’ll Have An Enhanced Sense Of Smell

As if a mom wasn’t enough of a superhero, now you’ll actually get real powers: super smell. Hyperosmia, the more medical term, is caused by becoming more sensitive to scents. This is a common symptom when you’re expecting, and many have found it to be one of the first signs that point towards them being pregnant.


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There hasn’t been a consensus by doctors and experts on the specific explanation behind this. One theory is that your olfactory system becomes so to prevent you from inhaling anything harmful. Another potential hypothesis is that this is an effect of your increased blood flow.


Whatever the explanation may turn out to be, many women find that this may add to their nausea in early weeks. Some choose to keep something fragrant or neutral-smelling by their side in case they run into something particularly odorous.


You’ll Have To Stay Away From Some Medication

As medicine becomes more and more accessible, we find ourselves reaching for a pill bottle for almost every ache or pain we feel. This isn’t a healthy practice in general but is especially discouraged when you’re with child.


Specific medication may have components and ingredients that are harmful towards your growing baby. This includes standard over-the-counter (OTC) drugs such as antihistamines, painkillers, decongestants, aspirin and even herbal medicine. Some active ingredients in these have been linked to birth defects and worsened symptoms of pregnancy.


If you find yourself sick or if you’ve been on regular medication before you were expecting, check with your doctor to know what is and isn’t safe to take. Likewise, there are some natural alternatives that you may consider.


Your Voice May Change

Unfortunately, your voice won’t change drastically enough that you can start making prank phone calls to unsuspecting friends and family members. Actress Kristen Bell found that her voice had lowered while pregnant as she was recording lines for Frozen.


Like all other changes to your body, this may be attributed to a series of different causes. One is that as you go through your term, the pushes up your diaphragm and other organs, leading to decreased lung capacity. The vocal cords, like other parts of your body, may also swell up.


You may be surprised to find that your singing voice and ability is somewhat different while you’re expecting. This may come as sad news for the next karaoke night.


Your Skin Pigment Will Look Different

You might find yourself reaching for a stick or tube of concealer during pregnancy (after you make sure your makeup is safe to use, of course). You’ll find that along with that “pregnancy glow” women have, their dark spots may also become more prominent.


While pregnant, your body will release an increased amount of melanin, the component responsible for skin pigmentation. This happens as a way of protecting your skin against the harmful ultraviolet light. You’ll find that brown patches around your lips, forehead, cheeks, and chin are common. This is also the cause of the dark line that may show up on your stomach, called linea nigra.

Source: prenate.com


You Might Be More Forgetful

Some people call it “pregnancy brain” or “momnesia.” Whatever name it takes, some studies have found that it may actually be a real thing and not just an old wives’ tale.


Pregnant women have found that they suffer from bouts or periods of forgetfulness and poor decision-making skills as they find it difficult to concentrate. However, there haven’t been conclusive studies as to why such a phenomenon happens.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you won’t be surprised to notice the signs if you are pregnant or if someone you know is pregnant. Moreover, you’ll have an open mind to understand that being pregnant is not an easy job.