Frequently Asked Questions About Depression And Sex

According to Michael Bolton, when a man loves a woman, he would do everything to be with her and make her happy. I was looking for that in every relationship I had. Thus, whenever my men fell short in that area and became selfish, I would drop them and move on to my next prospect.

I thought I already met Mr. Right in Dillon. A common friend introduced him to me at a wedding that we both attended. I found him cute the first moment I laid my eyes on him. When he caught the garter from the groom and got the bouquet from the bride, the people around us began to tease us and say that we might be the next couple to get married.

 But we did not go straight to marriage. We dated for a few months and lived together for two years before Dillon popped the question. Of course, I said yes because I was head-over-heels at that point already. Dillon was everything that I could ask for in a partner and more. He was responsible, funny, and handsome. Not to mention, he was really great in bed. He would always go the extra mile to make sure that I was satisfied and comfortable in everything we do.


Married Life With Dillon

 Having Dillon as a husband was much better than having him as a boyfriend. I realized that the 1st time that he cooked my favorite strawberry pancakes and brought them to me in bed. His sweetness intensified when we found out two months later that I was pregnant with our first child. Dillon asked me if I wanted to stop working at that moment to focus on my pregnancy, but he respected my decision to continue working because he knew how much I loved my job as a nurse.

 During my second trimester, though, Dillon’s career hit a snag when the CEO was revealed to be embezzling money from the company. Most of the investors pulled out their investments while the remaining board members tried hard to solve the issues. When they couldn’t, they had to let go of all the employees and file for bankruptcy. And since it happened during the Great Depression in the US, Dillon found it hard to look for a job immediately.

 The longer my husband stayed unemployed, the more depressed he became. If I did not catch him staring off in the distance, he would be sleeping most of the day. He refused to do anything else – not even sex.

Does lack of sex cause depression? 

Yes, lack of sex can cause depression. It is common for people who suffer from HSDD.

Does depression cause erectile dysfunction? 

Yes, depression causes erectile dysfunction. Scientists typically link the two because depressed individuals feel stressed and lose interest in everything, including sex. Taking antidepressants does not help the situation either. 


Can mental health affect sex? 

Yes, mental health affects sex, considering arousal begins in mind. If a person gets distracted by depressive thoughts or worries, they may not focus on enjoying physical intimacy.

Does lack of sex cause stress? 

Yes, lack of sex can be stressful for people, especially for men. The more stressed they feel, the more they get frustrated for not performing well sexually. This can even lead to depression sometimes.

How do I get my sex drive back? 

You can regain your sex drive by doing the following:

  • Stay away from stressful activities or ideas. That is especially necessary when you have a highly demanding job.
  • Stop drinking alcohol, smoking, or abusing substances as they prevent your body from deriving pleasure from sex.
  • Spice up your sex life. Try new positions, locations, or even tools to increase your libido.
  • Tell your better half what feels good and what doesn’t, and vice versa. Sometimes, the problem is the lack of communication between the couple. 

What foods make you horny? 

  • Chocolate
  • Chili peppers
  • Ginger
  • Maca powder
  • Oysters
  • Avocado 

How often should couples have sex? 

It is challenging to estimate how often couples should have sex, considering it all depends on what feels natural for them. Some people are happy to do it several times a month or prefer other forms of intimacy; others love having sex at least a couple of times every day.

Why do I not want sex? 

Various issues can make you not want to have sex. For instance, your libido may not go up if you cannot trust your partner, feel too exhausted or stressed, or take medications that reduce your sex drive. 

Why do men lose interest in sex? 

Men do not always lose interest in sex, even when they reach old age. However, their sex drive typically drops when they develop medical illnesses like diabetes, alcoholism, etc.

At what age does a woman stop being sexually active? 

There is no specific age when a woman stops being sexually active. However, their libido may begin to decrease after reaching the age of 30.

What men look for in a woman physically? 

Men always look for a young-looking woman who’s likely shorter than them. They also like full lips and breasts, curvy body, and symmetrical face.

Which part of the female body do men find the most attractive? 

The face is the most beautiful part of the female body based on research.


How long should men last in bed with a woman?

Sexual intercourse should last between seven and 13 minutes. This duration does not include foreplay, though.

Final Thoughts

 The lack of sex made me feel a little undesirable in my husband’s eyes. My raging hormones due to the pregnancy were not making things easier for us. I kept dropping hints and coming on to him, but Dillon seemed oblivious of everything. However, I learned to understand what he was going through when I brought him to a psychologist diagnosed with depression. When the mental health professional mentioned that lower sex drive was one of the symptoms to watch out for, I almost wanted to scream that it already manifested.

Fortunately, Dillon’s depression began to wane when I delivered our newborn child. He found a new reason to get a job – and he eventually did. It paid higher, though it was less demanding than his previous job. We went on to renew our vows and made another baby during our second honeymoon. Around that time, his depression was already history.