It’s Okay To Have Imperfections (Everyone Has)



The problem with women nowadays is their battle with self-confidence. A lot of them are afraid to become bold and different. It is as if it is a sin to try and create something out of the ordinary. But who is to blame? Well, even history can tell that women always aim for perfection. The truth is, some of them also take no notice of a lot of things only to achieve the kind of flawlessness they desire. Often, that is in spite of the stuff on the line. That includes their physical, emotional, as well as mental health.

The Imperfections

The way most women look at imperfections is way beyond disgust. There is this uncomfortable feeling they indulge themselves every time they can’t have the perfection that society demands. Sometimes, most of them even try to change things in such extent.

“Women’s identities, we are told, are fragile and conflicted: at work they feel like frauds and at home they feel worthless,” Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, PhD said. “The mischaracterization of women’s and girls’ identities as weak and conflicted has many potential negative consequences.” For most women, understanding imperfections is not an option. There is this mentality that it should not exist and that most women must do something about it.



For example, in the physical aspects, a lot of women choose to undergo surgery due to the belief that appearance is the only representation of beauty. Some are willing to pay a higher amount of money only to alter what is God-given. Why? That is because these women do not feel pleased about how they look. Their confidence appears to be dependent on their physical attributes. So when there is a slight physical issue that exists, women quickly freak out.

““I feel that I am a person of worth, at least on an equal plane with others.” That is an example of the kind of question you might be asked by researchers trying to determine your level of self-esteem,” wrote Bella DePaulo, PhD.

In the behavioral aspects, women can be imperfectly perfect in hiding their true selves. Meaning, some of them validates their action when others seem not to complain. It is as if they believe that improving and developing their attitudes are out of the picture. Why? It is because they are afraid of changing for the better. Some people do not try to fix their negative traits due to the fear of losing their personality in the process.

For the emotional and mental state, women are afraid of getting stuck. That is the reason why they often show the world that they are happy and fulfilled. But deep inside, they are bleeding and depressed. Women know that people look at them as vulnerable individuals. That is the reason they prefer to hide all the pain only to prove everyone wrong. Their emotional and mental imperfections get disregarded because they want to tell themselves they are okay even if they are not.

 “It does seem like a perfect setup to feel like you’re not measuring up. And tragically so many women feel like they’re the only ones who aren’t living up to this ideal,” says Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Think About It



If all people think and act in the same negative way, progress and growth will never happen. Yes, imperfection sucks. It is nothing but a damaging quality that stops individuals from becoming better. It is sometimes unimaginable, inconsistent, and unpredictable. But it is not enough reason to get depressed. Imperfections are solely a reminder that all individuals are created equal. It is humans’ way of knowing what things are wrong but is always acceptable. No one in the world has zero flaws. Therefore individuals should not have to worry about perfection.