Preparing For Natural Childbirth


The latest statistic for a method of delivery is that 32% of mothers delivered through cesarean section and the other 68% were vaginal deliveries, more commonly referred to as natural birth. It might be interesting for people to know that doctors would only recommend a c-section if vaginal delivery really isn’t possible.

Some of the main reasons why more people prefer having a natural delivery are that first; it’s less costly. A c-section is essentially a surgery and a lot more procedures come with it. Second, natural births are less prone to complications that c-section delivery makes mothers more vulnerable to. Lastly, natural childbirth is just a more straightforward overall process in the sense that it keeps you in bed for a much shorter period than c-section.


Explained in this article are a few tips on preparing for natural childbirth:


Mentally Prepare

“Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting can be one of the most emotionally, physically, and challenging times in a woman’s life. Although it is also a special time, sometimes it is hard to see that at the moment,” wrote Siobhan Hart, Psy.D. However, there are numerous doctor-recommended ways that natural delivery could be made easier. A lot of information and advice from mothers who have already experienced it prove as essential tools in preparing for natural childbirth.


There’s science to specific practices that can make childbirth easier for expectant mothers like how spending time in the water and learning breathing techniques make delivery easier. Some classes and workshops offer professional advice on assuring the safest and smoothest natural delivery possible, especially for first-time mothers.

Childbirth is complicated, so it’s best to stock up on as much knowledge as possible.


Physically Prepare

It has been said that mothers who are overweight or gained more weight than what is recommended tend to have more complicated pregnancies. Doctors recommend controlling weight gain well enough for the benefit of both the mother and the baby.


Getting checked by the doctor in advance for the mother’s physical condition is also crucial. It will determine if a natural delivery will be safe, or there’s a need for the mother to schedule a c-section. A good amount of exercise and healthy eating is always advised. In addition to that, “Regular exercise can help pregnant women better manage stress, promote good quality sleep, and improve psychological well-being,” wrote Abbey Kruper, Psy.D., and co-authors.


Emotionally Prepare

Lastly, what will help the most, emotionally, is to surround yourself with people who will put you at ease.

There’s no need to express how stressful being a new mother can be. Albeit a joyful time, taking care of a child and recovering physically from childbirth can be emotionally draining.” says Darcia F. Narvaez Ph.D.

It might be a given but having the mother’s significant other in the room during delivery is one of the most important elements to preparing for natural childbirth. It provides the maximum comfort that can be given to the expectant mother. An immediate family member or close friend would also serve the same purpose.

Another thing would be to make sure that the doctor, nurses, and assistants are well trained to do natural deliveries. Though this might not always be under the control of the mother and her family, it will ease worries for the mother to know she’s, quite literally, in good hands.

Fortunately and unfortunately, childbirth is a painful experience exclusively burdened to women everywhere. The best thing that the mother’s significant other can do for her is to lighten that burden to the farthest extent and prepare well for the screaming and cursing. Life is a beautiful thing that requires a painful experience, and that’s precisely what makes mothers heroes.