Things That Mentally And Emotionally Break A Woman (Women’s Health Counseling)

Women are strong and independent. They know what they want, and they try their best to accomplish their goals in life. Despite their limited capabilities, women know how to take care of themselves. However, women are often vulnerable to emotional and mental pain. Women can somehow understand some of these things but still find it to be too much to handle. In this article, I have here a list of things that I believe can mentally and emotionally break women.


All women hate dishonesty. The fact that they easily trust a person makes them more susceptible to tons of lies. But I am not saying that women are not capable of lying, though. Some of them can be so manipulative too. It is just that in most relationships and any other types of it, women are the ones who easily build a foundation of trust, regardless of whatever it takes. They compromise more often than men. So when that trust loses its ability to stay intact, it makes all women go nuts. It can have downstream consequences such as becoming doubtful, jealous, impulsive, and unreasonable.



Women live to love themselves. But when there is not enough self-appreciation, there is entirely something wrong with their relationship with themselves. Insecurities can cause mental and emotional damage as it contributes to low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and even depression. It can disrupt the development of women’s overall well-being, making them unaware of their negative traits and behavior. Insecurity creates a toxic atmosphere that locks women in a pit of isolation as they would think that they are never going to be good enough for something.


Another part of that insecurity buildup is the constant comparison women receive from their loved ones. It gets so frustrating for women not to be themselves just because people want them to be someone else. It is an exhausting process that most women deal with, only to prove that they are worthy of something. Constant comparisons make these poor individuals strive not for the betterment of their overall health but for the satisfaction of others who expect something more from them. It damages their spirit, leaving them entirely unaware of their good qualities. They will view their lives as miserable as it does not measure up to the person their loved ones constantly compare them with.


Being Ignored

The worse thing that most women complain about is being ignored. I somehow get the feeling that most of them want to spend time with people they truly care about. So when these people who they want to share their lives with ignoring them, it impacts their mental and emotional health almost instantly. They begin to overthink unnecessary stuff. Women start to form scenarios in their heads that don’t make sense. That is because being ignored is a specific behavior that can lead to a feeling of sadness and hopelessness. They will begin to view people as neglectful of their feelings and soon will have issues with self-importance.

Humiliating Words

Many people would agree that almost all women are sensitive. They have this unique sense of emotions that somehow can’t handle negative words, either truth or not. I, therefore, believe that despite some of them telling me that “it doesn’t affect them,” I know it still hurts. Unfortunately, even if they deny their true feelings, women will hold onto those humiliating words as if they would use them to define their actions, thoughts, and feelings. Humiliating words such as calling her names or wishing she’s like this can be detrimental to her self-confidence.


Emotional Abuse

One specific thing that no one can identify is emotional abuse. At some point, a simple action or words can mean no harm. However, emotional abuse is different as it can have severe long-term effects on the women’s brain and body. It can contribute to self-destruction, self-harm, anxiety, and depression. Emotional abuse for women is the worse because it stops them from believing in their ideas and own opinions. It makes them lose all the confidence they have while causing anger problems. Emotional abuse makes it difficult for most women to make and maintain healthy relationships later in life.


Modern women are now capable of almost anything. But I had to agree. Some things are limited to their full capacity. Thus, instead of fighting what other people say about them, it would be nice to show that they can be whoever they want to be regardless of the poor judgments, criticisms, and unnecessary opinions they hear from others. With that, it would feel less intimidating if women try to accept that there are just things that they can’t do. They have to remember that accepting the truth is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it is a sense of self-awareness to become the best versions of themselves.