Top Five Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance You Shouldn’t Ignore





For many women from adolescents to adults, the word “hormones” is considered a negative term. Why won’t it be? Those hormones are responsible for your mood swings and breakouts. Once in your life, you’ve blamed hormones because of its not-so-good physical manifestations.

While they may have a negative connotation to many, hormones, in fact, are beneficial and vital to our well-being. They are the so-called chemical messengers of the body, traveling inside your system to tell tissues and organs what to do.

The cause of those bad and gloomy days of yours is the hormonal imbalance. Most women, however, treat these changes brought about by hormonal imbalance as the normal cycle of the body. It will go away. Eventually, they say. It’s just the hormones, they say.

Here are the top five signs of hormonal imbalance you are probably ignoring. It’s not good that these are set aside, as they can have serious implications and consequences to your health and wellbeing.


Sleep Problems

 Having sleepless nights (or insomnia) is a typical characterization of hormonal imbalance. The drop in progesterone level is the main reason why most women who are about to have their menstrual cycles experience trouble in sleeping.

This sudden progesterone level drop can also cause night sweating. Lack of sleep due to hormonal imbalance causes decreased energy levels in the morning and unproductive days ahead as reported by many women.


Acne Problems That Won’t Seem To Go Away


Breakouts and acne are often associated with girls hitting puberty. It’s like a coming-to-adult-age sign for many teenagers. Others may even blame it to ‘falling in love.’ Women are conscious of acne and breakouts, causing them to invest in different facial products in the market.

Hormonal acne is those sensitive, deep, inflamed and cystic ones that are caused by estrogen and progesterone fluctuations. Dermatologists say that hormonal imbalance can cause oil glands to produce more oil leading to recurring cystic acne.


Unexplained Fatigue

 If you’re feeling exhausted, restless or just feeling burned out without really doing many activities, then chances are high that you are experiencing adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is characterized by an imbalance of cortisol levels or the body’s stress hormones.

Most women, however, make the mistake of getting energy from sugar and cups of coffee. It is also one of the technical reasons why women used to attribute hormonal imbalance to their sudden cravings and weight gain.


Irregular Periods 

 An irregular period is the most common and typical thing that hormonal imbalance does to a woman. It is a troublesome sign of hormonal imbalance. Aside from having to guess when your next period will be, women who are trying to conceive have a hard time to get pregnant.

 Doctors would usually prescribe pills containing estrogen and progesterone to regulate your menstrual cycle.


Frequent Mood Swings

 Sudden decrease of estrogen levels links to mood changes for many women. A drop in estrogen levels also affects the body’s hunger-inhibiting hormone, leptin. Most of the time, other than the feeling of restlessness, this is the reason why women tend to eat and crave when suffering from hormonal imbalance.




Never take these signs for granted.It’s important to know and assess yourself during the manifestation of these symptoms so it can be addressed appropriately. Hormonal imbalance may be typical to many women, but extreme imbalance needs immediate attention.

Aside from maintaining a healthy diet and complete hours of resting, try visiting a doctor to identify the underlying causes of your hormonal imbalance correctly. Many may know it, but decreasing levels of certain hormones can lead to severe complications.