What’s The Big Idea About Women And Autoimmune Diseases?

If someone advises you not to underestimate a woman’s prowess, you should listen well. Her skills and intellect can match that of any man’s as long as she puts her back into it. Even if you try to lie to her, her intuition will make the truth come out. Above all else, she does not mind enduring nine long months to bring another human being into this world.

What may knock a woman off her pedestal, however, is an autoimmune disease. This kind of condition appears to have a no-return-no-exchange policy. Once you contract it, you may try various treatments to get rid of it, but there’s little to no guarantee that they will work.


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Despite that, do you know what’s even more curious?

It’s the fact that eight out of ten women are more likely to have their immune system attack their healthy cells compared to men. You can tell based on that statistic alone how unfair life can be for the ladies for giving them an illness – a challenge – whose cure remains mysterious to everyone. So, the standing question is: why is the female population more prone to autoimmune diseases?


Hormonal Changes Might Be The Cause

When a boy hits puberty, a surge of testosterone runs through his body steadily and makes his voice deeper and his hair grows everywhere. If a girl experiences hormonal changes, though, estrogen and other female hormones may overpower everything, thus encouraging the development of autoantibodies.

Nonetheless, you should remember that several illnesses react differently to hormones that pregnant women produce. Instead of making rheumatoid arthritis worse, for instance, it may lessen the pain it leaves to the patient. Meanwhile, the worst-case scenario is that you acquire another autoimmune disorder that has similar symptoms to the pre-existing ones.


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A Gene Defect Is Another Suspect

In case you remember your old biology class, you may recall that a man and a woman have XY and XX sex chromosomes, respectively. Well, a single X chromosome can do wonders for the body and increases its immunity against diseases. Having two of them in action, of course, is much better. Hence, the ladies essentially have a stronger fort to hold off inflammation or any grave condition.

The only issue here is that a strong immunity is like a double-edged sword. If one of those X chromosomes becomes inactive, the cells may generate autoantibodies. That is when antibodies practically go blind and start attacking the woman’s body.


How’s The Future Looking For Autoimmune Disorder Patients?

The diseases which affect the immune system require scientists to get to the core of every cell in the carrier’s body to understand what genuinely causes it. Unfortunately, they have barely scratched the surface and are yet to devise a machine or formula that can make chronic illnesses easier to understand. That’s why it is quite sad to say that women with autoimmune disorders may need to deal with their health condition for as long as they shall live.

The silver lining in this case, nevertheless, is that the disease enables you to practice patience, mind your lifestyle, and be kind to yourself. Seeing the beauty of life, after all, tends to be tough when everything goes your way. Once it doesn’t, then you may start to change for the better.