Tips To Relieve Stress And Anxiety During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached over 3.3 million cases across 185 countries. As it continues to spread, leaders around the world try to contain it by implementing various quarantine and social distancing measures. As establishments close and we live in isolation, we get suddenly disengaged from society.

As our lives changed abruptly, our mental health is at risk. Coping with the sudden changes in our life, uncertainty about the future, and fear of contracting the virus itself can induce increased levels of stress and anxiety. Although people can react differently to these situations, you are not alone in this predicament.


How Pandemic Can Induce Stress And Anxiety

The pandemic and the sudden changes to our daily lives can take a toll on our mental health, making us prone to increased levels of stress and anxiety. Like the virus, stress and anxiety can affect anyone. It can manifest into restlessness, lack of focus, headaches, sleeping problems, and substance abuse.

Although stress and anxiety already exist for many, even before the pandemic, it is more challenging to deal with it now as our usual coping mechanisms may be temporarily inaccessible. With the foreclosure of establishments and the prohibition of social gatherings, we may no longer be available to pursue our hobbies, do leisure activities, or go out with friends and family.

Tips To Relieve Stress And Anxiety During A Pandemic

As health institutions face overcapacity, it is essential to keep our state of mind in check. Effectively managing stress and anxiety is vital in maintaining overall health. We have listed down some tips to help you relieve the stress and anxiety you are experiencing during this pandemic.

  • Control Your Exposure To The News

It is essential to keep updated with information as the pandemic situation evolves. However, consuming too much of it can also lead to information overload. Limit yourself to reading the news at certain times of the day. It is also essential to ensure that the news we consume come from credible sources to avoid clickbait, fake news, and fear mongers.

  • Take Care Of Your Body

Although stress and anxiety is primarily a mental health issue, feeling great on the outside can help us feel better on the inside. Being clean, well-rested, and adequately fed can make us feel good physically. It can help improve our overall mood, enabling us to handle stress and anxiety better.

  • Establish A New Routine

The pandemic caused sudden shifts to our lives. Our daily routines were disrupted, which can make us feel disorganized and anxious. As we adjust to this new way of life, it can be hard to perform our usual tasks and responsibilities. Online classes or working from home can induce stress. Establishing a routine can help better manage this stress and anxiety.

  • Stay Active And Exercise

Exercise is a great stress reliever. Physical activity boosts the body’s natural endorphins, which can help improve mood. The increase in blood flow can help us feel better physically. Aside from keeping our minds occupied from negative thoughts, exercising can also serve as an outlet to physically release tension and energy.

  • Explore New Hobbies And Relaxation Techniques

Life in isolation can leave us with more time to dwell on negative feelings. Exploring new hobbies can help keep our minds occupied and even improve our mood. You can also try relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. As the world is full of chaos and noise, it is crucial to find your inner peace.

  • Reach Out To Friends And Family

You are not alone in this situation. Your friends and family are also going through this pandemic. Thanks to technology, reaching out to them is possible even with social distancing measures. Knowing that they are doing well can also put your mind at ease. Communication can help you, as well as them, better cope with stress and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has brought so many uncertainties to our lives. It is understandable to feel stressed and anxious. However, it is essential to accept that these things are out of our control.

Focus on what you can control as we overcome this challenge together. Dr. Jeremy Hertza, PsyD, said, “Take the time to look at yourself to examine: what are the ways that I traditionally manage my emotions? What are the ways that I can’t do now? And what do I need to do?”

Like the virus, stress and anxiety can also be contagious. Keep your mental health in check. As you feel better, share with your friends and family, the techniques you have learned to manage stress and anxiety. Let us help each other overcome these challenging times.

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How Can Therapy Help With Women’s Issues


Many things concern women. Unfortunately, some of these can hurt their mental health. Because of this, the demand for the services of women issues therapy has risen through the years. Nowadays, you can see a lot of therapists whose focus is on helping female clients deal with the different issues in their lives. Some of the most common problems in women include post-partum depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, self-harming attitude, eating disorder and borderline personality.

“Aside from experiencing postpartum complications, such as depression, anxiety, or birth trauma, there are also experiences with infertility, pregnancy loss and reproductive complications (PCOS, endometriosis, etc.) that can crop up during this time of life,” said Crystal Clancy, MA, LMFT, owner of Iris Reproductive Mental Health.

The availability of therapy has helped women all over the world. This kind of treatment is essential to ensure that women recover after experiencing a mental disorder or condition. Below is a list of how therapy could help whenever you encounter some woman’s issues:

Analyze The Situation That You Are In

Talking to a skilled therapist is good for any woman who has a mental condition. When you do this, you are helping yourself by improving your mental health. Once you become active in participating in the sessions with a professional, you can already start to see another perspective that could make you realize what is going on in your life. Aside from this, you will be able to determine the various causes of the problems that have placed you in a depressive state. Knowing the reasons for the issues is essential so that you, as a client, can easily deal with it.

Ease The Uncertainty

One of the many reasons why stress takes place is when a woman feels doubts and uncertainties about her future. Sometimes, you receive too much pressure at your workplace or home. The more you take in pressure, the more you become stressed out. When this happens, you will develop a mental health issue that could transform your life into a problematic one. Luckily, you can always talk to a therapist who could inspire you to ease the uncertainty. This professional will devise a treatment plan personalized for you.

Overcome A Trauma


“Because PTSD is an actual, biological illness with real neurological consequences, no one can get better by simply trying harder to be healthy. Professional treatment is not an admission of defeat, but rather an essential step in treating a brain disease,” writes Ralph Ryback M.D.

Experiencing a traumatic event could make your life turn upside down. Because of this, you may find it challenging to go on with your usual routine. Sometimes, you will become disheartened to the point that you do not want to get up in the morning. This is the kind of problem or issue that a therapist could help you with. All you need to do is to set an appointment and let the professional help you in overcoming trauma. Take note that the process is quite complicated, which is why you must do it with someone who is skilled. As much as possible, avoid trying the techniques in therapy all by yourself.

Whenever you have a woman’s issue that needs immediate attention or focus, do not hesitate to get in touch with a therapist. Always put in your mind that the earlier you consult a professional about your mental condition, the better it is for your mental health. Act now before it becomes too late. Remember that an unhealthy psychological state could make your life a living hell. Do everything you can to prevent this from happening.

“The mental health professional that is best is the one who best fits your needs. Ask a lot of questions. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the person you are meeting with,” writes Matthew Tull, PhD.



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