4 Types Of Cancer That Commonly Hit Women

Scientists and researchers are still baffled about the mystery of cancer that even now in this modern world, no cure has ever been found yet. In fact, cancer survivors consider it miraculous to be cancer-free.


A woman’s body, because of its changing state, appears to be more exposed to the risk of different types of cancer. Cancer cells usually target specific areas of a person’s system. These cancer cells, even though they start from a particular area of cells, can grow and spread to neighboring parts of the body.

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The 5 Essential Things You Need To Know About Migraines

Because It’s More Than Just A Headache

We tend to think migraines and severe headaches as synonymous with each other. However, they’re not. This article seeks to address this, and the many other things we think are facts about the debilitating neurological condition.

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Tips On How To Succeed (Online Counseling And More)


The goal of every entrepreneur is to succeed in his chosen business venture. No one wants to put up a firm and only end up being bankrupt. As much as possible, you want to get everything right for your business operations. This is normal, especially if you have built the company from scratch. At this point, you are probably wondering how it is possible for other businesswomen to succeed at what they do while you are struggling to increase your revenues.  

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Top Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy


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 Caring for yourself is one thing, but once you’re pregnant, you have two people to look after. You might know all the tips for staying healthy, but some things need more consideration once you’re with a child. Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy.


Take Vitamins

Let’s admit it; we don’t all get the right amount of vitamins in our system every day. Usually, this is forgivable, and we can still power through. However, you’re going to want to go the extra mile when you’re expecting.

Check with your doctor or midwife for what specific vitamins you should be taking. The most common vitamins that women take include folic acid to prevent birth defects; iron to help produce more blood and keep it healthy; and vitamin D to aid in bone development.


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Get Some Exercise

 It’s likely that you’ve seen videos of women practicing yoga, taking up intense heels dance classes or even killing it with pole dancing despite looking like they’re about to burst any minute. While these may be extreme –or lucky– cases, you shouldn’t skip out on the exercise for nine months.

It’s an absolute must to still stay active to some degree. It aids in circulation, breathing, mood-stabilizing and general wellness. There are workouts specifically designed for pregnant moms that are 100% safe for your baby. It’s even safer if your body is used to working out, to begin with, but make sure not to overdo it.

Some options to consider include pilates, yoga, swimming, brisk walking, and even aerobics. If you’re unsure about what’s safe, check with your doctor first.


Don’t Overeat

 Have you ever heard of the saying, “I’m eating for two.” Sadly, expecting isn’t an excuse to chow down all those extra buffalo wings or bowls of mashed potatoes. Sure, you’ll need some extra nourishment, but your baby is, well, a baby after all. You’ll be eating for two — but not two adults.

In fact, you should only be upping your calorie intake by a few hundreds when you’re pregnant. This is mainly equivalent to some pieces of fruit or a glass of milk. For the first few months, it’s generally believed that you don’t even need extra calories.

Make sure to watch your weight gain throughout your term. Keep track of it: not gaining enough weight may mean your baby is underweight, but gaining too much weight may lead to you having bigger babies. This may make childbirth additionally tricky and contributes to the risk of your child becoming obese later in life.


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Go For Regular Check-Ups

We know how unnerving it may seem to visit any doctor for any reason. Clinics and hospitals just give off a certain vibe to some people. However, keep in mind that this is necessary for the betterment of you and your child. Going in for a regular visit will make sure that everything is in check, and to prevent any future issues from arising.

The frequency of your visits will vary from case-to-case. It will depend on how far along you are. Commonly, you’ll be expected to visit once a month for the first 28 weeks of your term; once every two weeks for weeks 28 to 36; and once every week following that.


Skip the Caffeine

Okay, maybe “skip” is too much. But cutting down your caffeine intake is crucial when you’re expecting. Yes, this includes teas, colas, chocolate, and energy drinks too, not just coffee. High levels of caffeine are linked to low birth weights.

You’ll still be allowed to take up to 200mg of it every day, which is about two cups of coffee. However, some still recommend cutting it out entirely for extra precaution.

Once you figure out that you’re going to be a mother (for the first time or once again), you’re going to have to start taking care of yourself better. Remember that it’s not just yourself that you’ll be caring, for now, you also have that growing bundle of joy inside your belly, and you’re going to want to give them the best care you can.

Move Over, Yoga And Mindfulness! (7 Unusual Ways To Beat Stress)

Because Deep Breathing And Massages Were So Yesterday

If you’ve followed every single advice there is in the stress-beating book yet find yourself still stretched out and ready to burst like a rubber band, reconsider your de-stress methods. It might be time to adopt a more unconventional one.

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What’s The Big Idea About Women And Autoimmune Diseases?

If someone advises you not to underestimate a woman’s prowess, you should listen well. Her skills and intellect can match that of any man’s as long as she puts her back into it. Even if you try to lie to her, her intuition will make the truth come out. Above all else, she does not mind enduring nine long months to bring another human being into this world.

What may knock a woman off her pedestal, however, is an autoimmune disease. This kind of condition appears to have a no-return-no-exchange policy. Once you contract it, you may try various treatments to get rid of it, but there’s little to no guarantee that they will work.


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3 Ways To Handle A Sexless Marriage 

Whether you like it or not, sex is an essential ingredient to make a marriage work. Making love is an act of expressing how a couple feels for each other. The moment a relationship becomes sexless, the logical ending is always divorce. When two people could no longer engage in lovemaking acts, then it is proper to assume that their marital union is going down the drain. In this article, we are going to lay down some of the tips on how you could handle a sexless marriage. 

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Depression Over Infertility

I have been married for over five years now, and I always tell myself that I am happily married. My commitments to my husband are the above all priority I ensure to do. I always try my best to be a loving wife, understanding significant other, and a supportive partner to him. I devote to provide my spouse the peace and happiness he deserves. However, there is this something I cannot appear to give him that causes an irrational pain in my emotional and mental state. I am infertile, and having a baby is seemingly difficult to do. Continue reading Depression Over Infertility